The Platform 

File Management System

File management is part of the core workflow of Analysts. We provide a state of the art online file management experience.

Data Editor

Think of our data editor like a version of Excel designed with data science in mind.


Expert Models makes it easy for us to add different types of interface on top of your data models. Examples include one page models, two page models and wizards.

Reproducible Results

When a model is run we snapshot all details of the run in our account for reproducibility. This means that keeping track of you and your clients activity is extremely easy.

Open Data Sets

Access open data and combine it with commercial or proprietary data sets in order to build better models.


Expert Models leverages Amazon Web Services. This means you have the best hardware available to your models.


We have pre-installed the most popular libraries available. These can be accessed through your code as they are on your desktop experience, without any of the hassle of installing packages.